Escape Rooms

Get ready for the brand new 10 Minute Escape exclusively at Fright Nights! Now you can enjoy all of the events that Fright Nights has to offer AND still have time to do our 10 Minute Escape room.

With the 10 Minute Escape you don’t need a reservation and it only costs $5 per person. Can you escape in 10 minutes?

The Titanic

In The Titanic Escape Room, your group are crew members aboard the RMS Titanic, which just struck the fateful iceberg. Duty-bound, you must find the way to the ship’s Communication Room to send a distress signal to other vessels. Your only way out before the ship sinks is to solve the doomed ships riddles to complete your mission in time!

The Forbidden Tomb

Your team of explorers have discovered an ancient Egyptian tomb, only to find the way shut, and your air running out! There is another way out, but to find it you must first brave the tomb – mummies and all! – to decipher the clues that will lead to your freedom.