Frequently asked questions

I’ve purchased an online ticket. Now what?

You can either print your tickets, or have them available to scan on your smart phone. Present your tickets to our “Online Tickets Box Office” located in front of Small Talk Café to redeem your actual event tickets and/or fast passes.

What happens if it rains?

You will get wet! Every effort will be made to keep Fright Nights open during inclement weather, even in the event of rain or snow. However, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel performance in the event of severe weather. Our attractions are mostly outdoor attractions. If severe weather persists, we may close the event. All purchased tickets can be redeemed another night if there is an unforeseen closure.

Is this event appropriate for my child?

It really depends on the child. We’ve found that some people panic and get scared and some don’t. We recommend our attractions for children ages 12 and older. No children under the age of 12 will be allowed entrance to the attractions without a parent or guardian with the group.

If we exit at any part of the attraction, do we get our money back?

No. All ticket sales are final and we have a No Refund policy.

Is this event wheelchair accessible?

Because of the narrow trails, uneven floors, and tight spaces, our haunted trail and 3D Nightmare are not suitable for wheelchairs. If the wheelchair user can get on the hayride, they may ride along and enjoy that attraction.
Are refreshments available?

Do you sell food at Fright Nights?

Yes! We sell a variety of carnival foods near the queue line or if you want something a little more filling, Bunker’s Sports Bar serves all kinds of food.

Is alcohol allowed or sold on site?

No. To keep our actors safe on the attractions, persons that are intoxicated will be removed from the attraction and forfeited their ticket.

Does Fright Nights offer group rates?

Yes. Groups of 20+ will receive a 20% discount per ticket, however, the group tickets must be purchased in advance through our website and on one order.

Does Fright Nights accept credit cards on site?

Yes. We accept cash and credit and redeemable online tickets.

Does Fright Nights have security?

Yes. We employ fully trained security staff to keep things running smoothly.

What can’t we bring with us to Fright Nights?

Costume wearing, firearms, knives, any weapons, alcoholic beverages, flash cameras, foul language, vulgar behavior can all stay at home.