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Fright Nights WV 2020 Haunted Attractions Preview

As featured on the #TravelChannel Top 10 Christmas Themed Haunted Attractions, located in Daniels, #WestVirginia, right in the middle of #TheResortatGladeSprings, Fright Nights WV has grown to be West Virginia's premier #Halloween spectacle! Fright Nights WV will open every Friday and Saturday night in October and features FIVE Haunted Experiences:

There’s no where to hide in Ghost Town as phantoms of gunslingers, cowboys, miners and saloon gals dedicate their deaths to one sole purpose.. to haunt and terrify anyone who sets foot in their town.  

When darkness falls, the pig man comes out of hiding, turning his victims into his next bbq meal in Slaughterhouse. With only a flashlight, can you find your way through his deadly farm without being captured?

Mr. Beard’s Freaks & Phobia’s Traveling Sideshow is a spine-tingling, multi-sensory spectacle. See such sinister sideshows as The Man-Eating Chicken, Madame Fate’s Misfortunes, Deep Sea Mysteries & Evil Oddities collected from the Jungle & Egyptian Tombs.

The Asylum was shut down and abandoned in 1974 due to cruel and unusual experiments on the criminally insane. People say the ghosts of its most hostile patients still reside within its cells and corridors.

Deadwood Manor's past has been filled with dark deeds, sorted characters, and unbelievable acts of horror bringing you a truly haunted experience inside every room. From spirits and monsters, the dead, and the living- we're not sure whom or what you should fear most. 

Tickets are $25 tax included (discounts can sometimes be found on ). Also with each ticket, Fright Nights donates $1 to The #UnitedWay of Southern WV.

So what about #Covid19 ? The Fright Nights Team is committed to creating new state-of-the-art effects and scenes, industry-leading, first-class customer experience ensuring that all guests experience an unforgettable Halloween event! Management is consulting with the local and state health department, local and state fire department to bring the guest a scary but safe adventure. The health of guests and staff remain a top priority. With the current Covid-19 situation, the Fright Nights WV team has gone even further and taken extra steps following the health guidelines of the state. In general, haunted attractions are already a natural social distancing event. Haunted houses are not concerts, sporting events or theme parks. The nature of a haunted house is all about physical distancing; it always has been, it’s what we do normally. The attractions are linear and very seldom would you ever come within 6 feet of other patrons.

Here are some of the steps we are taking to ensure social distancing and safety at our event this season:

Pre-event ticket sales:  This year we will introduce timed ticketing, meaning you will purchase your tickets in advance for specific times.  This will reduce payment method contact and  will allow us to limit on-property persons.  

Maintaining distances between groups:  Groups this year will be only the people you ride with to the event.  You will not be placed in a group with someone you don't know. 

Virtual Queue: Last year we introduced our virtual queue so you were not standing in lines.  It was a big hit!  We will be doing the same this year.  When you arrive, we will have a drive-by ticket booth where we'll check you in and get your phone number.  Guests will remain in their cars until they receive the text to enter the attraction.  

Mouth and nose coverings by actors/staff:  Yes, we've come up with a plan to have all of our actors masked this year, but in a way that will still be terrifying. 

Temperature checks of actors will be checked daily prior to makeup.  

Reduced number of actors: To ensure safety, while decreasing possibilities of contamination, we will reduce the number of actors/monsters in our attraction. 

No sharing/exchanging costumes/masks:  Staff will not be allowed to change costumes or masks in-show, ensuring cross contamination.  Nightly cleaning and disinfecting of masks and costumes will be conducted via washing and wiping, following CDC cleaning guidelines and sanitation solution mixture.  

Limiting on-property persons capacity to enable adequate distancing at all times: By use of Timed Ticketing and based on local government direction, we will comply with ensuring spacing and occupancy management, as needed, and will be variable, based on level of risk.

Nightly sanitizing of all company equipment used by staff. 

Consistent cautionary measures: All staff will watch for signs, concerns, and use caution to reduce possible contamination. Extra hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the event property.

*Squeeze room and objects hanging around your face will be removed from the attraction.  The Monster Midway will be closed this season. Boo! I know! But it's for the safety of the guests and staff!

So in a nut shell, buy your tickets online before you arrive.

  • Choose a time that will accommodate your group, grab those tickets before they're sold out and show up at the Drive-Thru Ticket Booth at your specific time. Staff will scan your tickets, hand you your wristbands to enter the attraction, get your phone number to text you when it's time to enter the attraction.

  • Park your car and turn your radio station to the station advertised at the event for some spooky music and terrifying trivia while you wait to get your text. (You will be given an estimated wait time)

  • Grab a beer from our cart or some dinner from a food truck while you wait.

  • Once your car has been texted, grab your group and head on towards the entrance of the attraction.

  • Buy an exclusive 2020 t shirt on your way out!

Tickets are on sale now and are expected to reach capacity each night due to limiting the number of ticket sales by 50%.

COME HUNGRY! This year, there will be #Foodtrucks on site selling delicious fall food and treats. Be on the lookout for the "Beer Before Fear" Beverage cart driving around the parking lot/wait area. Also, you won't want to miss getting an exclusive #2020 Fright Night Tshirt/Hoodie and the ever popular devil horn light up headband.

And because Fright Nights WV is located in the middle of a #resort, you can STAY & SCREAM! Stay the night on a Fright Nights Package and get a room, breakfast, and tickets! Book your package here --->

Special Thanks to our Sponsors. #JohnHowertonHonda, #GladeSpringsWV, #103CIR

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B Brewster
B Brewster
Oct 10, 2021

Definitely buy your tickets online! we came not ever been before and we’re charge an extra 15$ per person so cost was 180$ for a family of 4!! I won’t be back!! it was a decent haunted house but waaaayy over priced!!! Go to scarowins and spend a whole day for cost!

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