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Encounter FIVE Themed Haunted Experiences
with just ONE Ticket

Welcome to Camp Kilamee, where the summer of 1985 has taken a sinister turn. What was once a peaceful summer camp for teens has become haunted, filled with fear and terror. The counselors who were supposed to watch over the campers have lost their minds and are now on a rampage, unleashing chaos and destruction upon everyone in their path. (included with ticket)

The cursed ship that ye are about to board is the last remaining vessel of a once-mighty pirate fleet, shipwrecked on a mysterious island where strange creatures roam and ancient curses abound.  Set sail at yer own risk, matey, for once ye board this cursed ship, there’s no turning back. (included with ticket)

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Do you dare enter the House of Wax where frighteningly realistic sculptures of vampires, werewolves, monsters, and all varieties of killer creeps reside? German sculptor Johann Schultz uses and unorthodox technique to make them so lifelike, you’ll be afraid to turn your back! As you make your way deeper into the House of Wax, the sculptures become more and more terrifying, the creatures seem to be watching you, and you’ll feel like you’re being hunted wondering if you’ll ever make it out alive! (included with ticket)


We're all about terror at Fright Nights, but there's one less scare we're glad to offer. No standing in the long dreaded lines, our line is virtual!  Show up, give us your name and number at the ticket booth and enjoy our Monster Midway, 5 Minute Escape, Beer Before Fear, Food Trucks,  Bonfire, and more until you receive your text to enter!

The story begins with an ancient voodoo curse that has plagued the living and the dead, unleashing dark and mysterious forces that play with your imagination. As you journey through the twisted mansion, you’ll encounter creepy ghosts, cursed objects, and evil spirits lurking in the shadows, as you make your way through secret passages and hidden rooms. As you proceed to the crypt, you’ll encounter the restless souls of those who have been cursed by the voodoo plague and scent of death in the air. (included with ticket)

Step inside The Freakshow and encounter the sinister sideshows, featuring Mr. Beard’s Evil Oddities Collection – a macabre display of twisted, deformed creatures that will make your ski crawl. But don’t let the darkness consume you, as our entertaining clowns will be there to lighten the mood and keep you on your toes. And don’t miss the Magic Show, where you’ll witness unbelievable illusions that will have you questioning reality itself. (included with ticket)

Brand new, coming to our Monster Midway is an exciting and terrifying 5 Minute Escape Room.  You and 3 other people will be buried alive, entombed with Chrissy, Eddie, Billy, or Barb, unless you can solve the puzzle to Escape the Grave. . Purchase tickets right here!

 Join us for a spook-tacular time at Fright Nights WV Annual Fall Festival on October 8th from 1-6pm!  Get ready for a day filled with excitement, thrills, and autumn delights. Your festival ticket grants you access to a world of fun, including crafters and food vendors offering the best fall treats, heart-pounding inflatables, a scenic hayride through the crisp countryside, and the chance to pick the perfect pumpkin from our pumpkin patch. Plus, experience the chills of Fright Nights Lite, a daytime haunted house adventure without the actors. It's a family-friendly event that guarantees smiles, memories, and a touch of October magic. Don't miss out – grab your tickets now and get ready for a frightfully fantastic day! 

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