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Haunted Experiences

FIVE themed Haunted Experiences with just ONE ticket

Do you dare enter the House of Wax where frighteningly realistic sculptures of vampires, werewolves, monsters and all varieties of killer creeps reside?  German sculptor Johann Schultz uses an unorthodox technique to make them so lifelike, you’ll be afraid to turn our back! 
(Included with Ticket)

Mr. Beard’s Freaks & Phobia’s Traveling Sideshow is a spine-tingling, multi-sensory spectacle. See such sinister sideshows as The Man-Eating Chicken, Madame Fate’s Misfortunes, Deep Sea Mysteries & Evil Oddities collected from the Jungle.
(Included with Ticket)

The year is 1984 and Frankie says "Relax" this summer and send your teens to Camp Kilamee- the greatest summer camp around... or is it?  Explore the camp grounds and cornfields to discover the awful truth about this place.
(Included with Ticket)

Deep in the bayou, an ancient voodoo plague has been set upon the living and the dead.  Twist through the cursed mansion and its crypt as dark mysterious forces play with your imagination.
(Included with Ticket)

There’s no where to hide in Ghost Town as phantoms of gunslingers, cowboys, miners and saloon gals dedicate their deaths to one sole purpose.. to haunt and terrify anyone who sets foot in their town.  
(Included with Ticket)

Brand new, coming to our Monster Midway is an exciting and terrifying 5 Minute Escape Room.  You and 3 other people will be buried alive, entombed with Chrissy, Eddie, Billy, or Barb, unless you can solve the puzzle to Escape the Grave. . Purchase tickets right here!


Think haunted houses aren’t scary?
Try going through by yourself! On our Nights of Exile, you can choose to go into our haunted attraction alone or with a friend. You also must choose the intensity of the night; an unguided Low-Intensity walkthrough with no Actors, or a High-Intensity rev up the scares experience. If you go solo and make it through the haunt, you’ll be rewarded at the end with a prize.

We're all about terror at Fright Nights, but there's one less scare we're glad to offer. No standing in the long dreaded lines, our line is virtual!  Show up, give us your name and number at the ticket booth and enjoy our Monster Midway, 5 Minute Escape, Beer Before Fear, Food Trucks,  Bonfire, and more until you receive your text to enter!

Fright Nights Gallery

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