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Will Fright Nights WV be open this year?  We absolutely plan to be open and we think it will be our best season yet! However, we are making changes to our attraction to ensure social distancing and safety practices.  Here are some of the changes you can expect to see this season: 

Pre-event ticket sales:  Last season, we introduced timed ticketing, meaning you will purchase your tickets in advance for specific times.  This will reduce payment method contact and  will allow us to limit on-property persons.  

Maintaining distances between groups:  Groups this year will be only the people you ride with to the event.  You will not be placed in a group with someone you don't know. 

Virtual Queue: Last year we introduced our virtual queue so you were not standing in lines.  It was a big hit!  We will be doing the same this year.  When you arrive, we will have a drive-by ticket booth where we'll check you in and get your phone number.  Guests will remain in their cars or relax at the fire pit or dining areas until they receive the text to enter the attraction.  

Mouth and nose coverings by actors/staff:  Yes, we've come up with a plan to have all of our indoor actors masked this year, but in a way that will still be terrifying. 

Reduced number of actors: To ensure safety, while decreasing possibilities of contamination, we will reduce the number of actors/monsters in our attraction. 

No sharing/exchanging costumes/masks:  Staff will not be allowed to change costumes or masks in-show, ensuring cross contamination.  Nightly cleaning and disinfecting of masks and costumes will be conducted via washing and wiping, following CDC cleaning guidelines and sanitation solution mixture.  

Limiting on-property persons capacity to enable adequate distancing at all times: By use of Timed Ticketing and based on local government direction, we will comply with ensuring spacing and occupancy management, as needed, and will be variable, based on level of risk.

Nightly sanitizing of all company equipment used by staff. 

Consistent cautionary measures: All staff will watch for signs, concerns, and use caution to reduce possible contamination.
Extra hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the event property.

Squeeze room has been removed for this season.

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